All Points Self Storage


All Points Self Storage
178 Samborski Dr, Winnipeg, MB, R4G 0B3, Canada
(204) 475-0359 Price Range: $59 - $350


All Points Self Storage is a leading company that offers you renting the most modern storage facility in Winnipeg, MB. If you need something from your storage unit, just call us - (204) 475-0359 - and we'll deliver it at once!



Self Storage Winnipeg

5 stars - based on 12 reviews
1 reviews Review(s)
By: Donnie
December 15, 2016
Great prices!!!

I called all over Winnipeg because I don't trust prices listed on some directory on the internet. Rollys was by far the nicest, cheapest, and most honest about their prices! Rolly's wins self storage in Winnipeg by far! The best in town.

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